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Pacific Fertiliser sells granulated fertilisers natural minerals and blends including the standard fertilisers but also soft rock phosphate, gypsum, dolomite, lime, manure and carbon.

Pacific Fertiliser can granulate various fertilisers and mineral blends into 2-4mm particles which suit today’s modern precision application equipment such as air seeders, aircraft and precision spreaders. Benefits of a granulated products can include:
– Ability to apply product with seed reducing application costs which can be further reduced by applying blended products to offer a one pass nutrient solution
– Air seeder or banded applications place the nutrients at/near the plant roots, which can reduce application rates by upto 30% over broadcast spreading because of providing the seed/plant better access to the nutrients.
– Low Dust and Increased spread width from broadcast disc spreaders
– Sub-surface fertiliser application can reduce the nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphate runoff loss by over half compared to surface applications. Helping the environment and the back pocket.

Pacific Fertiliser can provide NPKSCa + Trace Elements in granular blends that meet BFA organic accreditation‎. We can also coat the fertiliser with biological stimulants to enhance results and add other nutrients to your soil.

March 7th, 2017|