Pacific Fertiliser provides various lime products to the agricultural and civil operators throughout NSW and QLD. PacFert’s Agricultural Lime (Ag Lime)  is a premium natural limestone product which can be used for numerous applications from agricultural cropping, industrial uses and civil works.

Ag Lime is a soil additive made from pulverised limestone. Its main use in civil and agricultural applications is to neutralise acid sulphate soils and stabilise clay soils.


Aglime is used in agriculture as a soil conditioner due to its superior neutralising value and a rich source of calcium. It is typically used to reduce soil acidity and improve plant growth by helping to increase the availability of essential plant nutrients in the ground.

Suitable Applications:

  • Quick-acting acid soil neutraliser and plant calcium source.
  • Neutraliser of acidity in peatmoss.
  • Calcium supplement for livestock nutrition.
  • Stabilising of clay for road base etc
  • Carrier for stockfeed premixes.
  • Filler where high brightness is not important.

PacFert granulates its high quality lime into a 2 – 4mm or 2-6mm granular lime products, which increases flowability, bulk density and minimises dust during handling, sowing and spreading. There is also a Greens grade 1-2mm lime granule for sport and turf applications and 4-10mm granules for aerial spread applications.


Pacific Fertiliser can also supply the following lime products:

  • GrowMag – Ag Lime/Magnesium blend – NSW Ag lime blended with 15% magnesium carbonate (or other ratios);
  • Super Fine Ag Lime – Agricultural lime. Available in bulk/bags (Particle Size 98% passing 0.3mm);
  • Ultra Fine Ag Lime – Solution grade products for agriculture, flocculation, industrial & civil apps (sub 45um);
  • LimeMag – Ag Lime/Magnesium Oxide – QLD Ag lime blended with magnesium oxide (at specified ratios);
  • Prilled Ag Lime – high quality granular ag lime;
  • Hydrated Lime – used for soil stabilisation and water treatment (sub 75um);
  • Quick Lime – used for soil stabilisation and water treatment;
  • Super Ag Lime – granular recycled lime for agriculture and water treatment (sub 10mm);
  • Carbide Lime – REGYP super ag lime  information